Updating pivot tables in excel

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All of the pivot tables reference the same named range, but I need to create a second worksheet that has the same pivot tables, but accessing a different named range. The syntax should be very similar to use a named range rather than a range of cells. Address(Reference Style:=xl R1C1) ' create new Pivot Cache Set pc = This Workbook. Create( _ Source Type:=xl Database, _ Source Data:=new Range) ' loop through all tables in all sheets For Each ws In Active Workbook.

Ideally I would like to be able to do some kind of search and replace operation (like you can do on formulae), rather than updating each individual pivot table by hand. Sub Change_Pivot_Source() Dim pt As Pivot Table For Each pt In Active Workbook. Sub Adjust Pivot Data Range() Dim pt As Pivot Table, pc As Pivot Cache Dim data Sheet As Worksheet, ws As Worksheet Dim start Point As Range, data Source As Range, new Range As String ' get worksheet with data Set data Sheet = This Workbook. Special Cells(xl Last Cell)) new Range = data Sheet.

Further, you also might require to change the Pivot Table Layout for different reports.

In this chapter, you will learn the different ways of updating the Layout and / or refreshing the data in a Pivot Table.

"Perfect" source data will have no blank rows or columns, and no subtotals.

Each column will have a unique name (on one row only), every field will have a value in every row, and columns will not hold repeated groups of data (i.e. Video: How to quickly fill in missing data When you first create a pivot table, use it to generate a simple count first to make sure the pivot table is processing the data as you expect.

You have learnt how to summarize data with a Pivot Table.

The data on which the Pivot Table is based might be updated either periodically or on occurrence of an event.

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I am unfamiliar with VBA and programming for excel but I followed some tutorials and would like if someone here could look over what I've done just to see if everything looks ok before I give it to them as I don't have access to their excel worksheet. Enable Item Selection = False Select Pivot Item Field, rng. Range(B8)) Is Nothing Then 'Left Empty Intentionally Else Update Pivot Field From Range B8, B3, Outfield End If End Sub Private Sub Worksheet_Sheet Change(By Val Sh As Object, By Val Target As Range) If Intersect(Target, Application. Visible = True End If Next End Sub If these were functions instead of Subs, they would be available as user formulas. This code is written in a spreadsheet's code-behind, which is a class module in disguise.Is there an easy way to update the data source for multiple pivot tables on a single Excel sheet at the same time? If you iterate through the Pivot Table collection on each sheet, you should be able to use the method shown in that post to amend the data source. However, one draw-back can be that you can only refresh the Pivot Tables automatically by setting it refresh on open via the Pivot Table Options. Free Excel Help Refresh Pivot Tables Those of you that use Pivot Tables will be well aware of their power.

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