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The footage is set to a Nina Simone song, "Four Women" and shows impressionistic excerpts from the film.

Originally involving 20 poems told by seven different women, the film , using the abbreviated title, relates different perspectives from 20 black females about their existence.

The multi talented Tyler Perry is well known for creating and performing in drag the prominent Madea character who is a lofty and thuggish tough elderly woman.

Perry is an eminent American director, screenwriter, play writer, producer, author and an actor.

“I have no clue why,” she says, “but maybe sometimes when there’s someone you don’t hear from, it’s the person you want to hear from the most.” She’s learned a lot in these past weeks.

“I always wanted to have my mother’s [Katherine Jackson] strength, but I didn’t know if it was really there.

He was named the highest paid man in entertainment by Forbes in 2011 when he earned 0 million between May 20. (a Carpenter), mother Willie Maxine Perry and three siblings.

Tyler is the recipient of two BET Comedy Awards both for his acting and writing in Diary of a Mad Black Woman. Tyler’s father was ruthless and beat his children a lot.

While she is the baby of the Jackson family, she is, in many ways, its nexus.The iconic pop star and loyal sister emerges stronger than ever, ready to embrace her new reality and share memories of her brother. On top of that, [we’ve lost] a family member.” The last time Janet saw Michael was on May 14, two days before her 43rd birthday.Click here for more pictures from Janet Jackson’s cover shoot. It was a family celebration, the Jackson kids were running around, and she and her big brother hung out, ate Thai food, and tormented each other.Janet Jackson hasn’t watched television since her brother Michael died suddenly in Los Angeles on June 25. “We had so much fun that day,” she says, her soft voice almost inaudible.She has blocked herself off completely from the hysterical media coverage of his death — who did it, what did it. “People can have rhinoceros skin, but there’s a point when something’s going to hurt you. “We kept calling each other after and saying how great it was.” Janet left soon after to start work on Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married Too. They’re with all their cousins; that family love will keep them going.” After the service, Janet and sisters La Toya and Rebbie went to speak to the fans. I left that night to go back to Atlanta to film.” Work has always been a tonic for Janet.

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