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Long distance relationships can be lonely, but being far apart needn’t mean the end of your sex life.

Although it takes a special commitment and bond to make these relationships last, you can make the time go by quicker until you’re reunited. Make a naughty coupon book Get out your markers and paper and get ready to be crafty with a twist.

I like more "free" games, where you can end up having sex with all the women in the game and dont necesarily get rejected because theres one little thing you didnt/did do. -Ask her if she likes you -Say something funny -Invite to lake -Well then look.......

In the lake: -Give beer (Find in Water) -Show her flower -Sit and talk -Flirt -Kiss Sex with Lily in barn (Ending 3): At School: -Take water over the table -Give water -Kiss her check -Pass Towel -Ask her to take shirt off In the boutique: Skirt: -If I were in his place..........

She takes multiple cocks at one time in multiple positions until she cries and cums hard.

Welcome to's very own expertly crafted game called: "Slut Quest." As you have probably heard from reviews, this particular game is awesome and ready to win hundreds of awards for originality and concept.

You might think to yourself, "Gee, these options don't really include anything I'd actually do." We want you to understand that while these options are limiting, they help simulate the true life of a slut, and show you that although life may have unlimited options, when looking at life choices through the eyes of a slut, it often seems like there aren't other options.

Try chocolate, lingerie, a new toy or a heartfelt, sensual letter. Long distance stripping Whether by phone or webcam, long distance strip games are great to feel like you’re getting naughty right next to each other. Phone sex Hear your partner’s moans of pleasure as you chat about your fantasies and desires, and act them out candidly in your imaginations. Have a lingerie photo shoot Go to a classy lingerie boutique, try on your favourites and snap a few well-posed photos while you’re in the changing room.

It could be virtual poker, truth or dare, or a game where you guess facts about the other person. Send your favourite pics to your partner, than buy the one that makes him swoon the most. Spontaneous commands If you’re into controlling each other’s pleasure a bit, try texting little commands throughout the week. Record a sexy video A strip tease or sensual, suggestive clip can ignite your partner’s imagination.

When her professor goes to check on her is surprised to student getting railed by a big dick.

She then gets talked into a hot gangbang because she is so horny.

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