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Marymount in Los Angeles merged with Loyola University to form Loyola Marymount University.In all, Butler was responsible for the opening of 14 schools, 3 of them colleges, in the United States and 23 schools, novitiates, and other institutions of the order in other countries. In addition to educational institutions she founded the Mother Butler Mission Guilds for social service and instituted the retreat movement for laywomen. The man’s diary, for example, revealed that he felt emotionally crippled by his domineering mother and bullying older brother, and blamed them for his inability to have relationships with women.Today, we get the video tour of his house (above), which, judging from the way he narrated it, was made for fellow loners to get some feedback from them about his bachelor pad and whether a woman would find it acceptable. Nine years ago in Los Angeles, I learned that two of the most well-known guys who charge other guys for lessons on how to seduce women were actually suing each other. Don Steele, who makes a living convincing middle-aged guys that he can teach them how to snag 20-year-old girlfriends, was being sued by Ross Jeffries, a man who claimed to have invented “Speed Seduction,” a method to hypnotize women using subliminal language.She promoted in the Marymount schools an educational policy that emphasized social and physical training, along with religious and intellectual pursuits, and she established courses in and law to help train her students to become active and informed citizens.

My research focuses on the delivery of employability theory in practice.

In The Tithe Applotment Books and Tithe Defaulters lists there is a James Fanning living in Moyntemple. William and Margaret Fanning nee Grace are buried in Moyne Cemetery. He died on , aged 47 (civil death record dates & age).

According to the 1911 Census they had one child who was not living in 1911. After her husband’s death she lived with her brothers in Lisdonowley.

Martin’s parents were William Fanning & Margaret Grace from Co Tipperary in Ireland. They had the following children: Patrick , Michael , James 26 July 1832, Martin , Thomas , and Judy (Johanna) . Patrick Fanning married Mary Kennedy and they lived in Castletown and are in the 1901 census. Thomas did not marry and Judy or Johanna died age 28, single.

William Fanning of Loughmore married Margaret Grace of Moyne on 5 Feb, 1827. They lived in the townland of Castletown in the parish of Moyne, Co Tipperary north. In Griffiths Valuations for Castletown, printed in 1849, William was living on 42 acres in Castletown townland. Michael married Johanna Shanahan of Lisdonowley on the 15th Feb1885.

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