Harvest moon 64 dating guide

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Your character should climb the tree and hop off on the mountain.

To get down simply press A where you climbed up the tree and he will hop down.

As you play the game, you watch the town and its people struggle with their own personal challenges.

Many times, without your intervention, they will fail.

Forest spirit Throw a vegetable in the pond in the forest by standing on the bridge and pressing A. Easy money Look for wild fruit or herbs around the land then take them to the Shipping Bin.

If you become good friends with a certain bachelor and either don't have a girl's affection high enough or are married to another girl, then he'll drop by your house to tell you that he's getting married!

Karen is the feisty daughter of Gotz and Sasha, owners of the vineyard.

Because she was brought up in the vineyard, her passion is wine, and she drinks often (in fact, Karen is your only major competition in the New Year's drinking contest).

If you see a scene in which Karen becomes drunk at the bar and Kai helps her, then you know that you're getting close to seeing their wedding.

After they're married, they'll both live on the vineyard.

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