Dating with crohns

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Its funny, I think I've done a good job in hiding it myself I just say its inflammation of the digestive system and leave it upto them to imagine what horrors that may consist of.

I think if I met a girl with Crohn's before I myself got it, I don't think it would bother me. I gets it depends on how much you like that person.

Throw the awkwardness of IBD into the mix and it may seem more appealing just to hide behind your computer screen and avoid the whole thing completely. Dating can be super intimidating for both people involved.

However, fortune favors the bold, so let us show you how to jumpstart your dating life! We all love to admire the star football player with the perfect booty and the blonde cheerleader with the amazing…ya know ;).

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"UC is not an easy disease to talk about, especially as a young woman," says Sandra Kim, MD, pediatric gastroenterologist and assistant professor of pediatrics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

I myself get self-conscious and a bit embarrassed when asked to elaborate on symptoms etc... Since I've been ill I've hated telling all my girlfriends about my illnesss.

They only have to wikipedia it to see that I've been spending a heck of a lot of time on the toliet.

Why else would there be countless magazine articles, blog posts, podcasts, and books all about this one topic?

We hate, then love, then hate again…It’s a tough business this dating thing…

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