Dating sim academy

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Interact with students at the Jumpscare Academy and build up love among the characters.

At the end of five days only two students will graduate successfully.

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I will admit that when I saw this campaign last week, I thought they were pulling my leg, but to my surprise the whole thing is legit!

All that can be said for certain is that it’s about a student who finds love in the most interesting of places– boarding school!

There are currently no plans for a version compatible with android devices. :^)So far, including beta testers, artists, the friends who suffer through hours of endless idea volleyball, etc.— there are a lot of people who’ve contributed in one way or another— check out the ‘meet the creator’ page’s ‘thank you’ section!

Amster says he’s making the game “Because sometimes when you’re faced with an absurdly terrible situation, you can only cope by making fun of the absurdity of how terrible it is.” The game’s credits are a veritable who’s who of quirky dating sims: though Amster himself has never worked on a game before, the game’s art is coming from veterans of and more.

Music will be written by Calypso Games and Tyber Alex, and you can get the soundtrack if you contribute or more to bringing this dark project to life.

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