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Even as mainstream as dating apps have become, there is still this idea that meeting someone online is desperate or that finding love at first swipe is somehow less real than falling for some random passerby. On the contrary, the dating app industry continues to grow exponentially and although that stigma still hangs high on the tree of matchmaking, there are many forces contributing to putting this stigma to rest once and for all. I guess that really depends on which dating app you’re using considering there are so many out there now.As someone who is the marketing director for a dating app startup, the stigma is not easy to erase no matter how niche or sophisticated these apps are getting. Writers like Karley Sciortino and Michelle Toglia are playing a huge role in the dating app battle of hearts and minds and sometimes it’s a confusing debate. Although we can’t be sure yet due to the early stages we are in, their huge reach to a young hardworking female audience definitely has the ability to open up a powerful discussion.You’re not alone in searching for love online: e Harmony and combined have over 40 million members, whereas an app like Tinder has 50 million user, 10 million that are active daily.While it’s great to have so many fish in the sea–it can be a bit exhausting having to weed out the good from the bad.Millionaire members can upload pictures of their luxury vehicles, art they own, boats and yachts, hi tech gadgets, gourmet food and spirits, expensive and exclusive jewelry, and real estate.Doesn’t this remind you of another dating app for the ‘rich and the attractive’? LUXY, a dating app, which allows its members to weed out the poor and the unattractive from its community. Apparently, the difference is in their approach and credibility.

If you really want to find the right match, try sticking to just one online dating site.Online dating doesn’t have as much stigma as it used to.With about 40 million Americans using dating sites and apps, it’s becoming more and more common for people to meet and date online.The Bar Method just opened a new studio in the Gold Coast, which means there’s one more spot in the city to help you land a hot body — and a hot date.On Thursday at p.m., the sleek studio is hosting a special event with Bela Gandhi, founder of Smart Dating Academy.

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