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I wondered if the series about death, the soon to be seen Who do You Think You Are? because I saw that man who does very harsh political interviews on it and he cried on it.” Does he mean Jeremy Paxman? And then I did the documentary about the business of death. After the incredible week of diagnoses over a year ago, he must have been floored. This year, as well as What We Did on Our Holiday, he will have the third Hobbit film coming out and later this month will embark on a stand-up tour of Scotland. “The Parkinson’s, I feel the effect of it every day. I told him and he told me many times.” Does he think people stopped telling him they loved him?

(Connolly is very moved by the story of an ancestor who was an alcoholic syphilitic soldier) meant he’d begun to think about his legacy? “Yes, Jeremy Paxman.” He is soon to be in a very sweet and funny movie from the makers of Outnumbered, What We Did on Our Holiday, in which he plays a dying grandfather swarming with little children who adore him and who believe he has Viking heritage. I think it’s just my age.” Was he trying to prepare himself by embracing death to confront it and somehow take away the fear? I heard he had to be talked back into ever working again. He says it’s not in defiance: “It just happened that way.” He has lived in New York for eight years, and before that he had a house in Los Angeles. Sometimes I can’t play my banjo as well as I used to because my left hand doesn’t move as well as it did. That they assumed he knew he was loved and he didn’t?

Rather, I should have focused on the future and what was in my control. When a construction worker told Kimmy he wanted to be in her jeans, she didn’t let it go. ” Relationships aren’t a tug of war, but they are about bringing out the best in one another.

It's refreshing that Felicity isn't blaming Oliver for Malone's death.

star had to share: On dealing with the pressures of acting: “When I became an actor, running became a big thing for me. I really needed that: there’s a lot of pressure in acting, it’s up and down, sometimes you’re on top of the world, sometimes people are shitting all over you, it’s hard to maintain all of your relationships…” On still getting recognized from now than I ever did when it came out, for sure. But they still end up [saying], ‘Well, you’re still my golden god…even if you’re in your golden years!

” On being single: “Happily…My son is with me part-time, so if I’m not working, I’m with him. But I’m happiest when I’m in a relationship, for sure.

In terms of bringing Malone on and then dispatching him so early in Season 5, can you talk about the motivations behind that, and where it leaves Oliver and Felicity moving forward?

The pair, who play troubled Daniel Osbourne and kindly Billy Mayhew respectively, have attended numerous events together including the LGBT Awards and Dolly-Rose Campbell’s 30th birthday.

Having struck up a close friendship after Rob joined the show last year, the pair have continued to bond.

Her love life is far from perfect, but Kimmy is resilient and optimistic. “Hashbrown, no filter” Kimmy says hashbrown instead of hashtag and thinks “Billy Madison” is a documentary, but she could not care less. She says what’s on her mind and doesn’t worry about embarrassing herself. Close your eyes and envision not knowing about Tinder, or that people won’t date someone because of height differences.

I try to turn off my phone during dates, but sometimes I still catch myself glimpsing.

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