Dating after mastectomy

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I feel so bad about my appearance and even have a bath in the dark.I have asked for a reconstruction of my right breast and pray this will take place. I am so sad on my own but dare not take the chance of rejection. I feel very sorry that you are sad and that you feel so bad about yourself that you even take baths in the dark to avoid looking at yourself.A Special Guest Blog Post by Nikki Panico, Executive Director Susan G.

But as a woman who's lost a breast to cancer and had reconstruction, I can tell you firsthand: it's more complicated than that. Society's love affair with boobs is a daily reminder that our quest for self-confidence is going to be a bit more circuitous than other women's. This is a reality that every woman who's undergone a mastectomy deals with each day.It was presented to me as a simple, obvious decision. Also, she added, because my cancer was sensitive to hormones, meaning my particular tumors contained proteins that grow in response to exposure to them, there was — good news — a drug I could take that would block my hormones and help prevent my breast cancer from returning.Studies show that young survivors with my kind of breast cancer (progesterone receptor positive) have an increased risk of developing ovarian cancer later on, she explained. The bad news: All of this would effectively put me into menopause at 31.

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