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Work / Life Balance seems to be a term that is often used a lot these days. Technology such as the mobile phone complete with email leave people expecting us to be on their very beck and call every moment of every day.

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Some feel that their profile has to sound as catchy as a hot new ad while others may feel they need to sell themselves as someone they’re not.

You want to project an image of amused indulgence here.

Your attitude here should be that you don’t take this seriously.

Paige talks about "Dating Without Drama" and the importance of maintaining your own life and keeping a healthy balance. I have copied the following diagram for you to take a look at: For balance to be in your life, all of these factors must be considered in this diagram. Work does not need to be just intrusive through the time that you put in.

There can be that sense of not being able to switch off at the end of the day. self care / sport exercise: what is an acceptable exercise regime for you? Self care regimes can be anything from allowing yourself time to soak in the bath; applying a nice face cream daily; attending the beautician once a month; or treating yourself to a cup of coffee whilst flicking through a magazine for some time to yourself. Community Activities: how much do you give to others and how?

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