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Haru is at the Lake, Daichi is at the Park and Kai is at the Library.On Christmas Haru and Kai can become your boyfriend if you accept his feelings.Early into the game you likely do not have high enough stats to work in the shops.

The level window must be activated, so if the cheat won't work, try clicking inside the Level Window. Debug cheats These cheats are good for debugging levels and episodes.shadowstar - Turns you into Black Mario, you can go through walls in this state.wherearemycarkeys - Spawns a Key in your hands (use in a Keyhole).stickyfingers - You can grab any NPC with this (enables Grab All).moneytree - Coins cound go up very quick, giving you a lot of 1-UPs.donthurtme - Makes you invincible (enables God Mode).stophittingme - Hits the player. Useful when you want to be hit or killed without turning the cheat off temporarily.wingman - Makes flying power-ups (Raccoon, Tanooki, Fairy Link, Gold Link) and Yoshis fly without limits.sonicstooslow - Makes the player run really fast.ahippinandahoppin - Unlimited jumping, you can jump in the air.framerate - Shows your framerate on the top-left part of the game's screen.This doesn't turn off the ability to save.istillplaywithlegos - Resets all Blocks/Tiles in the level.speeddemon - sets Max FPS on (fast forward).needashell - Spawns a green Koopa Shell in your Item Stock.needaredshell - Spawns a red Koopa Shell in your Item Stock.needablueshell - Spawns a blue Koopa Shell in your Item Stock.needayellowshell - Spawns a yellow Koopa Shell in your Item Stock.needaturnip - Spawns an SMB2 turnip in your Item Stock.needa1up - Spawns a 1-up (Extra life) in your Item Stock.needatanookisuit - Spawns a Tanooki Suit in your Item Stock.needahammersuit - Spawns a Hammer Suit in your Item Stock.needamushroom - Spawns a Mushroom in your Item Stock.needaflower - Spawns a Fire Flower in your Item Stock.needaleaf - Spawns a Leaf Power-up in your Item Stock.needanegg - Spawns an empty Yoshi Egg in your Item Stock.needaplant - Spawns a Toothie in your Item Stock.needagun - Spawns a Billy Gun in your Item Stock.needaswitch - Spawns a P-Switch in your Item Stock.needaclock - Spawns a green Stopwatch in your Item Stock.needabomb - Spawns an SMB2 Bomb in your Item Stock.needashoe - Spawns Kuribo's Shoe in your Item Stock.needaredshoe - Spawns Podoboo's Shoe in your Item Stock.needablueshoe - Spawns Lakitu's Shoe in your Item Stock.needaniceflower - Spawns an Ice flower in your Item Stock.boingyboing - Spawns an SMW Springboard in your hands.bombsaway - Spawns an SMB2 Bomb in your hands.firemissiles - Spawns a Bullet Bill in your hands.powhammer - Spawns a Pow Block in your hands.hammerinmypants - Spawns a Hammer Brother in your hands, that throws hammers to kill enemies.rainbowrider - Spawns a rideable Rainbow Shell in your hands.upandout - Spawns a Propeller Block in your hands.burnthehousedown - Spawns a Flamethrower in your hands.greenegg - Spawns a Green Yoshi Egg in your hands.blueegg - Spawns a Blue Yoshi Egg in your hands.yellowegg - Spawns a Yellow Yoshi Egg in your hands.redegg - Spawns a Red Yoshi Egg in your hands.blackegg - Spawns a Black Yoshi Egg in your hands.purpleegg - Spawns a Purple Yoshi Egg in your hands.pinkegg - Spawns a Pink Yoshi Egg in your hands.coldegg - Spawns an Ice Yoshi Egg in your hands.1player - Enables 1-player mode. SMW Lakitu: Flies around at the top part of the screen and throws Lakitus that throw more Lakitus (they spawn exponentially).(Also kills all your clones if used supermario2, supermario4 and up, if there are clones alive).2player - Enables 2-player mode.itsamemario - Changes your character to Mario if you're playing as someone else.itsameluigi - Changes your character to Luigi if you're playing as someone else.anothercastle - Changes your character to Toad if you're playing as someone else.ibakedacakeforyou - Changes your character to Peach if you're playing as someone else.iamerror - Changes your character to Link if you're playing as someone else.supermario128 - Makes 128 clones of the player.supermario64 - Makes 64 clones of the player.supermario32 - Makes 32 clones of the player.supermario16 - Makes 12 clones of the player.supermario8 - Makes 8 clones of the player.supermario4 - Makes 4 clones of the player.supermario2 - You can control 2 different characters with this, hold down and press the "Drop item" assigned key to switch playing character.wetwater - The level you're in becomes a water level, meaning you can swim everywhere.wariotime - Turn all enemies in screen into coins.captainn - Allows you to stop time by pressing the pause button (Does not work if "Pause" is set on the "Esc" key).flamethrower - Fire Flower, Ice Flower and Hammer Bro Suit shoots much faster.fairymagic - Makes your character turn into a fairy.iceage - Freezes all surrounding enemies.itsrainingmen - 1-UPs rain.donttypethis - Just don't. Ludwig von Koopa Shell: Chases the player jumping a bit for a while, then turns into Ludwig von Koopa.This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Love Hina Sim Date for PC.If you've discovered a cheat you'd like to add to the page, or have a correction, please click EDIT and add it.

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