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Naturally, my thoughts shifted to getting it on with a pioneering computer program.

ELIZA was developed at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in the mid-'60s by Joseph Weizenbaum.

Elle est donc dotée d'une faculté "d'apprentissage".

(Ce n'est pas le cas sur salon) Sur le plan technique, Jessica est un bot en socket (IA bot 1.5b par tiot modifié) hébergé dans Melinda, un bot modérateur de salon (bot X² par dbes).



I know, I've got a great ass nice ass Thank you! i'm strocking my cock for you No worries, I'm happy you find me hot.

If you can be a good enough speaker and manage to seduce her by finding the right words, she'll do a full strip tease, just for you!

Enjoy a brand new game: chat with pretty Blanca and try to turn her on.

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Unlike other chatbots, which pattern-match the entered phrase against a database of hard-coded responses, AIBuddy actually remembers the conversation, and can respond in context.

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