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When used regularly to view your physique, it can be used as a preventative measure to many If you don't know the lyrics of the song "Yesterday When I Was Young," you should.

It was written by Herbert Kretzmer and first released by Charles Aznavour.

In order of appearance, we heard from David Paulides, Richard C. More » Host: George Noory In the first half of the program, Richard C.

Hoagland, detailed why he believes we are on the cusp of a "Second Age of Space" as seen in the latest developments in space exploration.

More » Host: Art Bell - Somewhere In Time Art Bell: Somewhere In Time journeyed back to March 28, 1996, for a night of Open Lines about the Freemen patriot group in Montana, as well as an interview with Richard C.

Hoagland about how Russian images of the moon show more than a barren, dead lunar surface.

Richard and his team's investigations have been quietly extended to include over 30 years of previously hidden data from NASA, Soviet, and Pentagon missions to the Moon.

Art Bell: Somewhere in Time returned to 5/25/01 when NASA released a new picture of the Face on Mars. Hoagland joined the show to discuss the new image and another NASA cover-up.

Ignorance cannot be pleaded when we have access to the Word of God.

While in her care he would be protected from Lord Voldemort, due to the Bond of Blood charm Albus Dumbledore placed upon him.

This powerful charm would protect him until he became of age.

[Of Joan Rivers]: Joan is any comedienne; who is worth their weight in jokes; loves (as far as I'm concerned) Joan Rivers.

I saw her when I was a kid, and she is a tireless performer, 79-years-old and still performs, every week, and flies back and forth to LA to do 'Fashion Police'.

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